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About Twinfield

Twinfield is an online accounting program for SME’s and accountants giving you more time to grow your business or to work efficiently with your clients. Twinfield has many advantages and is easy to use.

Our collaboration

Rsult has helped hundreds of businesses in recent years with the implementation of Twinfield and scan-and-recognize software from Basecone. Our consultants have thorough accounting and technological knowledge. This experience ensures that together with Twinfield software and a consultant from Rsult you can expect a successful cooperation.

Rsult also supports accountants with various processes where the accountant does not have sufficient knowledge on board to provide complex (international) implementation processes with the right knowledge.

Accessible everywhere

  • Data available online
  • Easy online collaboration, regardless of distance
  • The latest, current figures are always available

Ease of use

  • No technical knowledge or particular computers needed
  • Automatic backups of your data
  • Automatic updates of software
  • A short implementation process without software installations

Low investments

  • No major investments in hardware and software
  • No annual costs for maintenance, management and procedures
  • No implementation costs
  • Scalable prices for when your company grows or shrinks


  • Data no longer on hard disks or laptops
  • 24/7 data centre security
  • Twinfield is certified by BDO Audit & Assurance BV

Environmentally friendly

  • No more local servers needed which results in an energy saving of +/- 30 percent
  • No paper storage because everything is digital

API links

  • Software can be seamlessly connected to other software
  • Fewer mistakes in processing data
  • No double work in entering
  • Exchange real-time figures or data directly

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