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Ezora creates insight into performance faster and more accurately than ever before. Ezora helps growing franchise organizations, retail and hospitality businesses to become and remain excellent. This through a tightly organized back office, with rhythm, speed and smart dashboards and reports.

Onze collaboration

Rsult and Ezora have been partners for many years and have already helped many SME companies, such as retailers and resturant entrepreneurs, to implement significant online dashboards. Dashboards that allow entrepreneurs and other managers to better manage results. Results generated from data, both financial and operational.

In addition, Rsult has developed a number of industry-specific templates for restaurants, lawyers and the supermarket sector, which are informative to every entrepreneur in that specific sector.

Total insight

  • Ezora connects financial data and sales and personnel data

Business insight

  • Ezora shows trends through dashboards, so that you discover threats and do not miss out on opportunities wasted

Daily rhythm

  • Ezora arranges for you to have all the important figures every day and without long processing times


  • Ezora connects different software and data sources


  • Ezora automates complex and repetitive tasks

Management reports

  • We automatically produce extensive (financial) management reports

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