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About Emasphere

EMAsphere is an all-in-one solution that pulls data from your various software systems to generate well-organized dashboards with management information.

Our collaboration

We constantly meet professionals who struggle daily with time-consuming Excel spreadsheets and incomplete dashboards. For them Rsult offers a powerful alternative in a collaboration with EMASphere. Rsult implements the solution without having to worry about the collection and endless implementation of this data.

All devices

The challenge

Today, thousands of companies rely on the EMASphere platform to better understand their activities, anticipate them, and speed up their data-based decision-making process. Our preconfigured and customizable templates avoid a long installation process so that you can get started quickly on all your devices.

Budget and forecasts

  • Define your budget with data from real and adjusted forecasts. Create best and worst-case scenarios to better anticipate your activities and anticipate the impact of your decisions.


  • Identify the most important details and nuances behind the figures and graphs.

Cash flow

  • Get a clear and complete picture of your cash flow with up-to-date payments and invoices. Set up your cash flow forecasts based on financial movements and flows.


  • Compare data, budgets and business plans with the previous month(s), quarter and/or years.


  • Avoid a long installation process and save time with our preconfigured and customizable templates.

An intuitive interface

  • An easy to use, intuitive interface. Easy to get the hang of it.

Wherever whenever

  • EMAsphere is at your fingertips when you need it, wherever you want.

Simple collaboration

  • Add comments, analyse and start conversations with your team members and external stakeholders.

Are you interested?

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